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Web Hosting

Plaudit Design provides website hosting services to almost all of its its customers. Good web site hosting is a complex business in itself that requires:

  • Reliable servers - 99% uptime guarantee
  • Redundant high speed connections to the Internet
  • Knowledgeable support personnel to solve problems
  • Uninterruptible power source to provide power during electrical outages
  • Diesel generators to provide power during lengthy power outages
  • Physical security allowing access only to authorized persons
  • Fire detection and suppression equipment
  • Regular backups of your data to guard against loss

Above all we insist on reliable website hosting for our customers without hassles so that we and our customers can focus on our own businesses; and that is exactly the kind of hosting we provide to our customers through our hosting partners.

Our Terms & Conditions provides more details on our hosting service, including acceptable use, terms of service and our service level agreement.


Plaudit Design's web hosting servers are located in a 55,000 sq. ft. datacenter. The datacenter has been set in place with 7,500 sq. ft. of raised flooring, eight 20 ton AC units and double pre-action fire suppression system. The datacenter is powered by a Liebert UPS system and a Caterpillar generator with 4 days of standby fuel.

Our hosting partner provides controlled access to its facilities. The datacenter is monitored 24/7/365 by an overlapping array of CCTV cameras and entry is secured by both biometric and card key access. Servers such as ours are housed in a separate room within the facility where only technicians are authorized entry.

Plaudit Design enhances its security by limiting access to its system administrators. As webmasters we perform essential server and website services.

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